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Preschool Dance Ages 3-6: (2 AMAZING options)

Does your child love to twirl, play make-believe, and dress up?
Then she will LOVE becoming a Princess Ballerina!
Each week she’ll hop, skip and twirl through an imaginary adventure! By encouraging your child’s creativity and independence in a fun and supportive atmosphere you’ll see your child blossom before your eyes!
Princess Ballerinas classes feature:

  • Unique theme-based classes that will keep your child excited for dance class week after week! In fact, she’ll never see the same theme twice!

  • Caring Instructors who can’t WAIT to share their love for dance with your little one!

  • Princess Ballerinas classes also offer fun bonuses like coloring pages, sticker charts, and award certificates to celebrate your child’s success along the way!

Preschool Combo:
Does your child love to dance around to the latest songs?

Our Preschool Combo is perfect! Your child will learn a new dance with choreography each month from award-winning songwriters who wrote songs for Disney and Marvel.

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