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Gym-N-Learn is a motor skill based educational preschool for children ages 3 – 5. This is a one of a kind learning experience that gets children EXCITED about school! We are passionate child development experts dedicated to creating positive early experiences. We know kids LOVE TO MOVE and be actively involved in their learning. Through movement, they discover their physical place in their environment and discover things about themselves. Win Kids provides the best possible environment by combining TWO SEPERATE WORLDS of child development: basic literacy skills and an academic curriculum with one of the best gymnastics, sports and motor skill programs anywhere

Every day at school they will get to experience a gymnastics and motor skill-based class or a supervised gym exploration time that builds their physical confidence and prepares them to become happy and eager little learners.


Children learn by doing! Our goal is to provide growth and development ON THE INSIDE through academic experiences and ON THE OUTSIDE through positive motor skill experiences.


We are excited that you are considering a partnership with us to help you develop a healthy, happy, responsible child.

  • Letter Recognition

  • Introduction to sight words

  • Math story problems

  • Patterns

  • Coordination

  • Fundamentals of Movement

  • Discipline, Listening, and Determination

  • Confidence & Goal Setting

  • Health Benefits

  • FUN!

Setting a strong foundation for learning through physical movement and early introduction into academic excellence.

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