Competition Tumbling & Trampoline


Trampoline and Tumbling, or “TNT” as we like to call it, is one of the five disciplines of gymnastics as recognized by USTA (United States Tumbling and Trampoline Association). Events include:

Trampoline: Larger more powerful version of its Back-yard counterparts. Performed at competitions with ten skill routines.

Double-Mini: A smaller, open-ended trampoline designed for difficult dismounting skills.  This event is performed with two skills and dismounting on a landing mat.

Power Tumbling: Athletes perform fast powerful 5 and eight skill tumbling passes on an 80 ft. Long fiberglass tumbling floor ending on a landing mat.

Benefits of Trampoline & Tumbling

Here are a few awesome bits of information about the benefits of jumping trampoline

  • Improved bone density from the pressure of the bounce.

  • Increased blood circulation.

  • Higher development of aerial and body awareness compared to most other sports.

  • Increased eye tracking abilities through somersaulting development.

  • Incredible core strength development. & Its inherently Fun!!!!

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