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Preschool Tumble Stars

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Children 5 & under have so many opportunities here at Tumble Shine


Welcome to the exciting world of Parent and Tots classes, designed specifically for curious preschoolers aged 2! It's a proven fact that boys and girls at this age adore spending time with their parents while participating in a fun class. Our Tumble Stars program will guide your child safely through the ins and outs of the gym, including the floor, beam, bar, and trampoline, and teach them basic skills on each apparatus along the way. You'll have the opportunity to lend a helping hand as your child conquers each station and skill, and you'll create unforgettable memories with your little one. Plus, themed lesson plans bring excitement that will stimulate your child's imagination and encourage creativity! 

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Twinkle Stars

If your little ones are ready to spread their wings and explore the world of tumbling on their own, Twinkle Star classes are the perfect fit! Our curriculum builds on the fundamentals of tumbling but is specifically designed for 3 and 4-year-olds who are ready to thrive in a class environment without mom or dad. Your child will learn the basics of tumbling safely and successfully, mastering the floor,  and trampoline, to developing the gross motor skills they need to conquer any activity they encounter.


Shooting Stars & Rising Stars

Parents of energetic and imaginative preschoolers ages 4 and 5 LOVE our tumbling classes! Our Rising & Shooting Star classes are designed especially for boys and girls aged 4-5. Our dynamic classes are packed with exciting thematic lesson plans that will encourage your child's creativity and development while building their strength, self-confidence, and so much more. We'll safely guide your little one through the essential elements of tumbling and trampoline, while also incorporating creative movements, learning, and yoga to enhance their focus, strength, and body awareness. Plus, all of this comes with a healthy dose of fun! When your Rising Star achieves their goals, they'll advance to the next level and become a Shooting Star. Come join our community of Tumbling enthusiasts and watch your child soar!

Little Ninjas

Our Little Ninja program is a blast! In this class, your little one moves through obstacles, works on listening, has fun, and makes new friends.

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Join us for an exciting and educational adventure, where your child will gain confidence, build skills, and have a blast with their new friends!

Saturday Morning Preschool Play

Every Saturday morning starting in August and running through May we offer preschool play from 10AM-12PM. This is the perfect way to start your Saturday with friends while your little one burns off energy running, jumping, and having fun

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