Preschool Tumble Stars


Children 5 & under have so many opportunities here at Tumble Shine


Parent and Tots classes are specially designed for preschoolers age 2. It encourages the already well-observed fact that boys and girls of this age love to spend time with mom or dad while taking a class. The Little Explorer will be safely and successfully introduced to the floor, the beam, the bar, and the trampoline, and several basic skills on each apparatus during this course. Parents will be provided the opportunity to assist their preschoolers in completing stations and skills while also enjoying the added bonus of spending quality time with their little ones! Thematic lessons are also used each week to encourage students’ creativity and fun!

Twinkle Stars

Twinkle Star classes follow the same curriculum as our Parent/Tot class but are designed for those 3 & 4-year-olds who are able to function in a class environment on their own without mom or dad. They will be safely and successfully introduced to the floor, beam, bar, and trampoline as well as all the basic gross motor skills they need to carry them through any and all activities.


Shooting Stars & Rising Stars

Shooting Stars gymnastics classes are designed for girls and boys age 3-4. Classes are taught with thematic lesson plans to encourage and permit creative growth and development while building strength, self-confidence and so much more. Students will be safely and successfully introduced to the floor, beam, bars, and trampoline as their necessary work elements. The teachers will also include creative movements, learning, and yoga to help build the mental and physical aspects of the child such as; focus, strength, and body awareness while having fun! Once your Shooting Star reaches their goals they then advance on to become a Rising Star!


Our Little Comets are on fire as they have advanced through the galaxy and working on more advanced skills catered to their age. 


Little Ninjas

Our Little Ninja program is a blast! In this class, your little one moves through obstacles, works on listening, has fun, and makes new friends.

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Our Gym-N-Learn program is perfect for a preschooler full of energy and wanting to learn. This program runs 9AM-11:30AM two days a week teaching your child their alphabet, Word Recognition, Simple Math, Listening, and Social Skills along with Tumbling and so much more.


Competition Tumbling and Trampoline

With this program your child will learn so much than just tumbling, they will learn how to perform under pressure, cheering on teammates, goal setting.... and as a competitive team member here at Tumble Shine Graduating Seniors receive a college scholarship along with many scholarship opportunities once they reach a certain level.


All-Star Cheer

Here your child will learn how to perform within a team setting while learning the competition cheer. We offer various levels of All-Star Cheer with local competitions and a family-friendly budget.


Preschool Play

Every Saturday morning starting in August and running through May we offer preschool play from 10AM-12PM. This is the perfect way to start your Saturday with friends while your little one burns off energy running, jumping, and having fun

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