Tumble Shine prides itself on building the most well-rounded tumblers in Central Kentucky. Our staff have trained with Nationally Recognized Instructors, World Champions, and professionals throughout the Gymnastics, Cheer, Dance and Gymnastics industry. Our focus on building amazing tumblers may look different than what you have seen before, but there is a formula we are following that creates the most progress in the safest environment possible.

We always strive to create a positive, fun and engaging class for your athletes. We want to see athletes building their physical and mental strength each day they are participating in class!

Tumbling drills are the foundation of our program.

We have drills to break down the tiny elements of skills and refine the shapes, muscles and body awareness to execute each part of the skill. Then like building a lego set we have all the right pieces to put the skill together. 

We believe in spotting as little as possible. Not because we don’t want to spot, but

because spotting builds a dependance on the coach that doesn’t empower your athlete to be successful on their own. This doesn’t mean we won’t spot, quite the contrary, but

our goal is to provide athletes the setting to achieve success WITHOUT the coach. 

We want your athlete to understand why skills work the way they do. This is a proven technique to building strong tumblers, we want them to know how skills work and be able to understand things they can improve in the skill without a coach telling them what they need to fix. Some things you may hear a coach say or see a coach doing at practice:


•Ask “What did you feel on that

one?” Or “What was wrong

with that?”


•Sit athletes down in front of a

white board and draw pictures

of skills.


•Record athletes skill and play

back video for them to watch

and critique.


This doesn’t mean we will not give the athletes critiques, far from it, but we want them learning why skills work the way they do and how that feels when

they perform them.

At the end of the day we can’t always be there with your athlete and they

  • Tumbling once a week is not always enough to progress. If you are interested in more classes there is a discounted rate for athletes tumbling currently with a high school/youth program who join our recreational class program.

  • If you have questions or concerns about the class please check in with the class coach. They are happy to answer your questions or listen to you or your athletes’ thoughts.

  • We want you to LOVE your experience at TS. The appropriate time to check in with the coach is after class. Please do not go into the gym to get a coach in the middle of a class.

  • Tumbling is a very mentally challenging skill. The best thing you can do as a parent is to be supportive of your athlete. Pushing, bribing, forcing, punishing, or any other unique form of motivation in exchange for working on a skill puts undue pressure on the athlete and is likely to create a foundation of a mental block.

  • Tumbling takes time and patience. No coach worth their salt can give you a timeline of when your athlete will get a skill. They may be able to say they are close, or they should get it, but the tiniest variable can change that circumstance.

  • Tumbling should be FUN. Athletes who are enjoying tumbling will continue to do it and work on it.

Our instructional tumbling program is designed for the very beginner athlete to the most elite athlete building confidence and skills.

A class consists of progressions through drills and skills to build healthy bodies capable of soring through the air or across the floor.

Our regulation equipment and safety-certified staff will ensure your child is safely learning skills while having fun.

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Check out our class levels below: