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How winning Ruins your Performance

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Your obsession for winning is the root of what’s actually holding back your progress.

It’s why you can pull of miracles at practice, but fall flat on the competition floor.

“How can that be? Doesn’t everyone want to win? Isn’t that why we train hard?”

Yes, but also no. You have to understand that winning is actually not an outcome you can control.

The outcome of winning in our sport (gymnastics or cheer) rests in the hands of a bunch of humans whom you will likely never know, and likely never meet.

And yet, you care so much about their opinion.

And because you care so much, your actions are stifled.

Instead of focusing on what you already know how to do, you focus on what they will think of you.

The day you decide that you want to win, is the day you automatically give birth to the fear of losing.

It is like a coin → you cannot have one side, without the other.

Forget about winning. Instead, focus on the journey towards Mastery. Find a way to enjoy every rep, every practice, and every moment in the gym.

The day you learn how to do this, is the day your mind will get out of your way and you will be able to pull off things you didn’t think you could!

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