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After School Hours

Tumble Shine Athletics' after-school program isn't just your ordinary routine; it's an extraordinary experience for every child stepping into our vibrant world of fun and learning! Here's what sets us apart: A Fusion of Fun and Fitness 🤸‍♂️ Tumbling & Ninja Classes: We're not just about acing flips; we're about mastering them with precision and style! Our ninja classes unleash the inner warrior in every child, teaching agility, strength, and balance. 🎯 Trampoline Excitement: Bounce into fun! Our trampoline sessions aren't just jumps; they're gravity-defying adventures, perfecting skills while having a blast! 🎮 Arcade & Games: It's not all about flips and jumps! Step into our arcade zone, a place buzzing with energy and excitement. Games galore for a well-rounded after-school experience! ⚽ Sports Extravaganza: From soccer to basketball and beyond, we're all about fostering team spirit, sportsmanship, and the joy of playing together. Active Adventures with Qualified Staff 🌟 Qualified Experts: Our certified staff aren't just coaches; they're mentors igniting passions and guiding every child's journey to greatness! 🎉 Interactive Learning: It's not just about skills; it's about learning while laughing and playing. Interactive sessions that nurture both mind and body. 🌈 Everyday Adventures: Each day is a new adventure! From challenging skills to creative games, we keep kids engaged, active, and smiling after a long school day! More Than Just After-School 📚 Homework & Healthy Snacks: We're not just about fun; we're about balance! Homework assistance and healthy snacks ensure a well-rounded after-school experience. 🌟 Confidence Boosters: We don't just teach flips; we nurture confidence! Our programs instill belief, determination, and a 'can-do' attitude in every child. 🌟 A Place to Belong: It's not just a program; it's a family! A supportive, inclusive environment where friendships bloom and kids feel at home. At Tumble Shine Athletics, our after-school program isn't just about keeping kids active; it's about fostering a love for movement, learning, and friendships that last a lifetime! Join us for an after-school adventure like no other! 🌟🏅🚀

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